Travel Ideas in Latin America

The big "classics" of a destination, the sites, the cities which we have to be seen absolutely to discover the main part of a countryeven if it means thay you will go further during the second journey...
Landscape & Nature
In lack of pure air? Of big spaces? Our suggestions will guide you towards these beautiful extents of desert or these tabular or Andean summits … Breathe deeply, you are there!
Say "yes", repeat "yes", the archetypal romantic journey in romantic places for unforgettable honeymoons and dates of anniversary not to be missed …
With your Family
With the children, the journey adapts itself to their rhythms and to the tastes of all the tribe … Kids and adults will take advantage of these routes cut to measure for the family or between friends …
Travel with your compass and your pilgrim's stick, that tempts you? We added it a GPS and a good road map, you will go to your rhythm from a stage to the other one …
For the lovers of literature, museums, folklore, archeological sites, these journeys which enrich you from the first day …
The holidays are often synonymic of beach and sun, we added it a pinch of activities for those who want them but nothing is mandatory … Sea, Sun and Fun at will!
You have dreams to be realized? These journeys are the ones not to fail, they will transport you in unpublished and unforgettable places, we realize all your dreams of journey …
Mixture of genres which are going to surprise you and which you are not ready to forget! Here the sophistication of a hotel in an unusual frame, there a place to be with night under stars …
If to go towards the other one is an integral part of your philosophy of journey then these suggestions are made for you! You will sleep at the inhabitant's home and will share his everyday life …

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