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Tailor-made tours

Latinexperience brings you, for the conception of your personal project to Latin America, besides its know-how and besides its experience over more than 25 years of career, prices carefully studied by its suppliers. Together we define your needs, the dreamed destination, your philosophy of travel, your past experiences when travelling, and we submit you the project and the estimate that suits you.

The own of the custom-made product is that every traveler is unique, and that every project is not only adapted according to its desires but also according to its budget; forget preconceived ideas and let us convince yourselves that the custom-made journey it is not necessarily of the luxury or an extremely expensive journey; Latinexperience knows how to adapt.


After working as a project manager for various tour operators Parisian recognized and have been, lately, at the creation and development of the Latin America department for a tour operator upscale Parisian, I wanted to bring more to my attachment to Latin America, built from my childhood, creating Latinexperience.

Indeed, my immersion in Latin America began early, with my very first steps in Panama and others followed on the continent (Colombia, Venezuela, among others), which allows me today to be able, through Latinexperience, to share with you, beyond the exclusive hotel addresses, names of magical sites and lots of compositions tailor-made itineraries, an authentic approach to Latin American soul.

Qualified local agents

We personally chose the people in charge of welcoming you so that they answer at best to our quality requirements. Indeed, it is in our interest, that our  local agents are capable of taking care of you and it so that your journey is unforgettable.

The local agency  knows your program and will be at your side during your journey so that everything takes place in the times and in the biggest serenity.

We test for you  

For more than twenty five years we conceive journeys personalized towards Latin America and Caribbean and it exclusively. A few years behind, we did not speak about the custom-made journey as we speak about it today; well before that it becomes a commercial argument, we realized, already, journeys in the listening and as closely as possible to the desires of  warned and enthusiats travelers.

We weaved, throughout these years of experiences, narrow links in every country that we propose, and know all the destinations recommended to our travelers. When you push the door of a travel agency to obtain information on a destination, you have big chances that  this one cannot answer exactly your request, she will direct you very certainly towards one of the brochures of a general practitioner.

By returning us as often as possible on the ground, we tested our offers and we verify regularly that these correspond to your philosophy of journey.

We propose more and more personalized and adaptable journeys all the time, strengthened by the service and the advice of experts intended to facilitate you your journey.

Our concept of “nomadic” agency allows us to stay on the lookout for the novelties.

Traveler area

You have a desire to escape? Find Latinexperience directly on your Smartphones  and tablets, the site will help you at any time, to mature in you a sense of destination, through various cultural information, literary, musical, on our favorites or biodiversity, among others, of a country … then you will just have to  let your wishes on our contact form.
Programs on the site are some of the suggestions made in collaboration with our local partners that we wanted to share with you. Knowing that your project is a single one that  Latinexperience will help you to conceive.

From your first journey, your space traveler will combine all the downloadable elements of your circuit on your mobile or tablet. You will find there: your estimate, your invoice and payments, your journey diary resuming, the listed stages, your personal documents, your questionnaire of satisfaction, the accommodations which you selected, and more still as our addresses and our good plans as well as general information on the destination.

Concierge 24H/24

Close to you, even if you are far from  home, before, during and after your departure, Latinexperience does not forget you! We remain reachable and, in case of emergency, a phone number allows you to contact us 24 hours a day, just like the departments of our local partners.

Reserve a good table, obtain a visit of museum, modify or add a service: your French-speaking concierge answers all your desires thanks to a local area network, he realizes all the logistics from your arrival, and throughout your journey.

To anticipate your expectations to facilitate you the journey and suggest you ideas according to your centers of interest in the course of the travel, we are by your side.

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We target our contents according to your choices and you can unsubscribe at any time. Then do not hesitate any more and subscribe to the newsletter to take advantage of unique offers.

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