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Latinexperience Company is a travel agency for designing tailor made trips to Latin America and Caribbean countries. It represents various local partners in Latin American in tourism services.
We handle the marketing and sales of our partners with clients in the French , American and European markets.

Latinexperience allows travelers to get a professional help in the design of their travels and get counseling and monitoring of their projects.
Latinexperience has all the approvals of a travel agency and its local agencies are carefully selected. We assure a constant follow-up of your file of the contacting until your return of journey.

Article 1 – Your Responsibility

1.1    Responsibility related to travel provided by the local agency
You agree to abide by the rules set by the guide or any other representative of the local agency. These rules are designed to ensure the smooth running of the program and are also rules on safety. Any activity that you develop that would not fit in the travel program does not enroll under the responsibility of the local agent neither Latinexperience.

1.2    Responsibility  related to insurance
For all your trips, you must be covered by insurance while traveling internationally: individual assistance and medical insurance, accident, repatriation, baggage insurance, cancellation insurance, liability. It is your responsibility to verify your insurance coverage and if necessary to contract one with an insurer of your choice. For your information, Latinexperience has also a deal with an insurer and you can contract your insurance thru Latinexperience.
Know that you are probably covered for certain risks with your credit card or with your mutual. Be sure to check if you already have such safeguards.

Article 2 – Responsibility of  Latinexperience
Latinexperience  has all the necessary guarantees related  to her license of travel agency delivered by Aout  France (IM066130006).

Article 3 – The Responsibility of local agency
The client respect the rules set by the guide or by any other agency representative. These rules are designed to ensure the smooth running of the program and are also rules on safety.
Any client activity which do not fall within the travel program is not the responsibility of the local agent neither Latinexperience.

The local agency will:

• provide you all the services mentioned in the travel program
• prevent Latinexperience when the local correspondent is absent regardless of the time and is not able to be reactive.

The local agency is responsible to you as an intermediary between you and the various service providers (airlines, hotels, transport, restaurants, boats, …). He must do his best to ensure the best quality of services.

The local agency shall not be liable for:

• omissions, loss or damage to your personal belongings
• theft or damage to your personal belongings in hotels
• harmful consequences resulting from an event of force majeure, ( weather, natural disasters, political problem, strike)
• damage committed by the other passengers, travelers
• consequences of delays, impediments, or cancellation of airline flights
• consequences of schedule changes or airport
• consequences of delays or impediments due to land transport
• consequences of delays or impediments, or cancellation due to rail transport
• non-compliance schedules your doing.

It should be noted that Latinexperience  works with local agents having a great experience in organizing travel and are used in case of a problem, take the most appropriate decisions and solve a case by case litigation amicably. Latinexperience and the local agent will always try to find alternatives.

Article 4 – Special provisions relating to services provided

4.1 Cancellation

If the customer is in the obligation to cancel his journey, he will have to inform Latinexperience about it and his insurer, by registered letter with recorded delivery, from the emergence of the generative fact of this cancellation; it is the date of issue of the letter that will be retained as a date of cancellation for the invoicing of the expenses of cancellation. Expenses of cancellation are chargeable to the customer. Their amount varies according to the deadline when intervenes this cancellation and, as the case may be, specific conditions of certain services or dates of journey. These will be indicated on the sale contract.

For example, the following conditions commonly applied:

• 61 days before the beginning of the trip: a cancellation fee of 30% of the total tour price will be charged.
• Between 60 and 31 days before the beginning of the trip: a cancellation fee of 50% of the total tour price will be charged.
• Between 30 and 15 days before the beginning of the trip: a cancellation fee of 75% of the total tour price will be charged.
• Less than 14 days prior to the commencement of the trip: a cancellation fee of 100% of total tour price will be charged.

In case of cancellation, insurance fees are not refundable.

Note that specific conditions are provided by the customer for cancellation of some hotels, lodges and cruises on all our destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, and according too to the special festive periods (Carnival, Christmas, New Year, Easter and other holidays local) or during special events (World Cup, Olympics, concerts, etc).

No insurance is included  in the proposed prices.

 4.2 Payment
All bookings are effective when a deposit has been received.
For example, the following conditions commonly applied:
The deposit is represented by a 30% deposit of the total amount per person.  The customer will pay the balance of the invoice amount – 70% – at last 45 days before the day of departure.

4.3 Changes
Between the time the quote is written and when you give your consent, availability in accommodation can be challenged. Changes can therefore take place and then be done with your consent.

4.4 Any unused
Travel services curtailed or interrupted, or any service land, river, sea, or air not used for any reason whatsoever will not give rise to any refund by Latinexperience. The services voluntarily modified by the customer  on-the-spot are submitted to the conditions of the local provider: the additional services or of replacement engendering an additional cost must be directly adjusted to the local travel agencies and cannot engage the responsibility of Latinexperience. They will give rise to no refund of the part not used of the services.

4.5 The international flights
Latinexperience will not provide single international flights but always joint with local services. Latinexperience and/or local agencies handle domestic flights and local agencies, also, where appropriate, international flights between two (or more) Latin America and Caribbean countries.
In addition, IATA announced a new form of distribution. The IATA member airlines adopted a resolution in October 2012 to create a new technology standard for the sale of tickets. Called NDC (New Distribution Capability), it “will allow airlines to offer more choice to customers and reach them easier on all channels of distribution” said the Iata statement. And to argue “with NDC, companies can recognize these customers and provide them with personalized offers as they already do for their clients directly connected to their own websites.” This indicates that customers are increasingly in direct contact with airlines and receive direct benefits, without intermediaries.

Article 5 – Intellectual property
The general structure, as well as texts, images animated or not, sounds, videos, photos, logos, know-how … and any other component of the site are the exclusive property of  Latinexperience.
Total or partial representation of this site by any means whatsoever, without the express permission of Latinexperience is prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L.335-2 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property.
It is the same for databases listed, if any, on this site, which are protected by the provisions of the Act of 1 July 1998 transposing into the Intellectual Property Code, the European Directive of 11 March 1996 on the legal protection of databases.
Marks Latinexperience and its partners, and logos appearing on the Site are registered trademarks.
Any total or partial reproduction of these trademarks or logos, made using parts of the site without the express permission of Latinexperience is prohibited within the meaning of article L.713-2 of the Code of Intellectual Property .

Article 6 – Hyperlinks
The site Latinexperience may contain links to other sites on the Internet. Links to these sites make you leave the site The responsibility of the publisher can not be held liable for the content of the pages to which these links point. Indeed, the publisher has no control over the content of these pages.

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