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Venezuela with its majestic table mountains is like no other South American country. Andean peaks with 5000m over the Caribbean Sea, the diversity of its natural habitat, climate, lifestyle and even expression is demonstrated. It is a country of contrasts, often overused term, but acquires, here, its legitimacy. Is it thanks to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Professor Challenger that we imagine a Jurassic Park on the plateau of Roraima tepuy over 2800 meters and 2 billion years old? Anyway, Venezuela attracts adventurers, botanists, ornithologists, historians, paleontologists, zoologists and scientists of all kinds! and with reason!

Lose yourself in this adventure! The Far West trip in the Llanos and their men on horseback as Venezuelan gauchos looking after their land and livestock and who will initiate you, among other things, to anacondas, scarlet ibis, egrets ash, kingfishers, crocodiles and capybaras, a 4×4 on steep roads in the Andes to the remote villages and meeting its inhabitants, the camel ride in the dunes of Coro, diving and snorkeling among the coral islands of the National Park Morrocoy, fishing with the locals in Rio Caribe, an overview of the fall Salto Angel and the Auyantepui, an impromptu dance to the sounds of the tambores in Choroní, a trek among unique tabular Gran Sabana’s plateau and those emerging in the mists of the Amazon rainforest, a descent canoe in the meanders of Orinoco Delta to meet Warao community and pink dolphins, cruise among the beautiful islands of the archipelago of Los Roques and push fun – why not – to Tobago, Bonaire or even the Grenadines, border crossing from stilts villages in the lagoon Sinamaica to the desert of La Guajira in Colombia, a ride in the moonlight and the waves lapping on the island of Margarita, diving among the underwater beauties of tropical park of Mochima… in Venezuela, the adventure of all kinds !

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Venezuela program suggestions

A new combination Colombia - VenezuelaFrom 2.380 euros Beautiful nature of two nearby countries, so diversified as exuberant! From the meanders of the Orinoco to the sweetness of the Caribbean at Cartagena de las Indias passing by Sinamaica’s houses of piles...From 2380 € Tepuis and Amazon combination Amazon - Brazil - VenezuelaFrom 3.820 euros The caramel colors of the “quebradas" and table mountains towering Great Savannah blend harmoniously with the deep green of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and the rushing waters of the Amazon, the conjugation of Venezuela and Brazil is simply natural, simple and refreshing.From 3820 € Conquering the Roraima VenezuelaFrom 1.240 euros Fascinating expedition to one of the strangest places on the planet, the Lost World, this experience will end in the wonderful pristine Mochima National Park. In this wonderful expedition to Roraima Tepuy you will discover another world. The Roraima is one of the oldest, exotic and strangest places of the planet...From 1240 € Islands everywhere! VenezuelaFrom 900 euros It is often known from Venezuela, the beautiful and entertaining Margarita Island, wildest and least known are the fifty islands of Los Roques National Park, or in a colorful atmosphere with ...From 900 € The essentials VenezuelaFrom 2.060 euros Extensive savannas are lost on the horizon, populated by incredible wildlife, experience of staying in a Hato with nice safaris before you go swimming in Salto Angel’s natural pools  in the heart of lush vegetation to finish in warm turquoise waters ....From 2060 € The highest waterfalls in the world VenezuelaFrom 3.370 euros If you like watching the wildlife in virgin areas and away from the crowds, this journey through the highlands and the jungle of Venezuela and Guyana is for you!From 3370 €

Venezuela at a glance

  • Area: 916,445 km², 1465 km from Roraima tepuys to Maracaibo Lake.
  • Population (approximately): 30 million inhabitants
    Capital Caracas represents one sixth of the global population
    Maracaibo: 3 million 600 thousand inhabitants
  • Economy: The main feature of Venezuelan oil is to be a heavy oil which generate higher costs for extraction and refining than light oil present particularly in the Middle East. Venezuela produced 2.85 million barrels per day in 2010. According to OPEC, the proven oil reserves of the country reach 296.50 billion barrels which ranks him at the first place in the world ahead Saudi Arabia.
  • Have read, seen and heard : (read) Doña Barbara by Romulo Gallegos, a novel of fantasy and adventure by Arthur Conan Doyle: The Lost World, and thoughts of Simon Bolivar in Doctrina del Libertador, (seen) the soap opera Estefania by Julio Cesar Marmol and The Wages of Fear filmed in Venezuela and more dramatic Postcards from Leningrad most internationally recognized venezuelan film by Mariana Rondon and (heard) the famous compositions of harp llanera by Ignacio El Indio Figueredo, llanera music of Simon Diaz and his famous Caballo Viejo, romantic songs of Franco de Vita and sublime interpretations of classical guitar by Alirio Diaz.
  • To read, see and hear these days : (read) The good news for Latin America under writing direction of Gustavo Guerrero and Villa Diamante by Boriz Izaguirre, (see) a baseball game of LVBP qualified for the World Cup in March 2013 and the upcoming Miss Universe 2013 with the participation of the highly expected Venezuelan queen of beauty Maria Gabriela Isler, (see) and follow the famous Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramirez who will play soon Simón Bolivar in the film Libertador directed by Alberto Arvelo and the new documentary film that explores the legends and beliefs of Andean El Misterio de las Lagunas by Atahualpa Lichy, and (hear) and dance on the Salsa Puro Live by Oscar D’Leon and (hear) violinist Alexis Cardenas solo or in group with Recoveco, moments of pure happiness.