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We had a dream,  David against Goliath, the smallest country in South America against oil giants, 9820 km² of parkland in the Amazon against 20% of the country’s oil reserves, 2274 species trees, 596 birds, 121 reptiles, ten species of primates, more than one hundred amphibians, and some 100,000 species of insects per hectare against 900 million barrels of oil, the Huaorani, Taromenani and Tagaeri communities against the white collar, biodiversity against the C0², well, we loved that even if the dream doesn”t come true. Ecuador has many dreams posibles to offer ! Ecuador, yes, loves life, and he proves it beyond its advertising slogan, he encourages future Darwinists to think about our evolution, all species, including us, and we can only congratulate and encourage him! Going there, you’ll be in this daydream, Ecuador owns, per km², the largest biodiversity of flora and fauna in the world, and scientists believe that there are still many other species not listed … This richness is due to the variety of its landscapes simply incredible, andean, volcanic, Amazonian, tropical, all will astound you and what about their people? Ecuadorians are multi ethnic, multi cultural and very welcoming!

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Ecuador at a glance

  • Area: 283 560 km².
  • Population (approximately): 15 million inhabitants, with the highest density hab / km² of South America.
  • Capital Quito: 2 million inhabitants.
  • The largest city in the country: Guayaquil: 3 and a half million inhabitants, it is the most important port on the west coast of Latin America.
  • Economy: Her mainly export economy is based on four elements: banana cultivation (1st world exporter), oil, cocoa (seventh largest producer) and tourism. One might also note the growth of export of cut flowers, palm oil and the famous Panama hat. The country is also a leading producer of farmed shrimp in the world.
  • Have read, seen and heard : (read) Las Cruces sobre El Agua by Joaquin Gallegos Lara, La Flauta de Onix by poet Arturo Borja, (read) The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin and The Piazza Tales by Herman Melville and his sketches devoted to Las Encantadas, (seen) Master and Commander directed by Peter Weir with a passionate naturalist and pioneer of Charles Darwin arrived in the Galapagos Islands, the first time a film is shot on the islands, (seen) the road movie Qué tan lejos by Tania Hermida, (seen) paintings by Oswaldo Guayasamín, (heard) the bolero Mi Locura and Nuestro Juramento interpreted by Julio Jaramillo and (heard) the warm voice of Ligia Villarroel whom interpret traditional melodies and the duo Benitez y Valencia interpreting the rhythms of Ecuadorian folklore.
  • To read, see and hear these days : (read) Noir Equateur by José de la Cuadra, (read and see) the beautiful pictures of this beautiful work Natura maxima: Ecuador, land of biodiversity by Olivier Dangles, and for all birders is a must to have the Galapagos Diary written by Hermann Heinzel, (see) En el nombre de la hija directed by Tania Hermida and the new film Pescador directed by Sebastian Cordero, (see) a documentary painful to a family Con mi corazon en Yambo directed by Maria Fernanda Restrepo, and wounded memories filmed in Abuelos by Carla Valencia Dávila, (see) and encourage the preservation of Yasuni by connecting to the web site, (hear) romantic songs of songwriter Juan Fernando Velasco and his latest album A contratiempo and the sensual voice of Karla Kanora official clip’s singer for Ecuador Ama la Vida.