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A new combination Colombia - VenezuelaFrom 2.380 euros Beautiful nature of two nearby countries, so diversified as exuberant! From the meanders of the Orinoco to the sweetness of the Caribbean at Cartagena de las Indias passing by Sinamaica’s houses of piles...From 2380 € Tepuis and Amazon combination Amazon - Brazil - VenezuelaFrom 3.820 euros The caramel colors of the “quebradas" and table mountains towering Great Savannah blend harmoniously with the deep green of the Brazilian Amazon rainforest and the rushing waters of the Amazon, the conjugation of Venezuela and Brazil is simply natural, simple and refreshing.From 3820 € Conquering the Roraima VenezuelaFrom 1.240 euros Fascinating expedition to one of the strangest places on the planet, the Lost World, this experience will end in the wonderful pristine Mochima National Park. In this wonderful expedition to Roraima Tepuy you will discover another world. The Roraima is one of the oldest, exotic and strangest places of the planet...From 1240 € Islands everywhere! VenezuelaFrom 900 euros It is often known from Venezuela, the beautiful and entertaining Margarita Island, wildest and least known are the fifty islands of Los Roques National Park, or in a colorful atmosphere with ...From 900 € The essentials VenezuelaFrom 2.060 euros Extensive savannas are lost on the horizon, populated by incredible wildlife, experience of staying in a Hato with nice safaris before you go swimming in Salto Angel’s natural pools  in the heart of lush vegetation to finish in warm turquoise waters ....From 2060 € The highest waterfalls in the world VenezuelaFrom 3.370 euros If you like watching the wildlife in virgin areas and away from the crowds, this journey through the highlands and the jungle of Venezuela and Guyana is for you!From 3370 €